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Open Edition

Open edition prints are reproduction images. These pieces are signed and can be printed on either metal or canvas.   

About the Prints


Digital sublimation is a process that uses heat and pressure applied to a solid to create a gas and bypass the liquid phase. The technology uses full color artwork with aluminum metal to create a resulting image that is nearly permanent, exceptionally well balanced color and high quality resolution.



Gallery wraps are printed images bonded onto museum quality canvas. The art is wrapped around a stretcher frame and finished with a choice of hanging hardware. Custom frames can be negotiated.  


Depending on the selected image, for both metal and canvas, sizing generally begins at 8x12 and can be printed to 24x36. Larger sizes are available upon request. 



Collector Edition

Collector edition prints are original images featured in batches of 10 or less. The prints are signed, numbered, framed and provided with a certificate of authenticity.  

About the Prints

Far surpassing the limitations of traditional inkjet processes, Lumachrome Technology is considered the ultimate in acrylic print work. Thanks to the transparency layer infused with iridium, details in images surface in 3D creating exceptional dynamics. 


  • Superior dynamic range and color gamut

  • Vivid 3D depth and dimensionality

  • Exquisite detail, particularly in highlights 

  • Luminosity under halogen lighting 

  • Neutral tone reproduction

 Collector Edition prints are unique and require personal touch and attention, thus there is no automated purchasing from the website. Please utilize the contact form below to inquire about owning an original print. 



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