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Here you will find information such as the "how to" and "where to go" for the places we visit during our travels and shoots. We will offer valuable information - like how to get there, a brief synopsis of the areas history, tips and tricks for visiting (i.e. where to park, alternate routes), best campgrounds, favorite restaurants (even tips for making great camping foods!), as well as best practices for LNT and minimizing impact when visiting these sacred places. 


So many locations have succumb to heavy and unsustainable impact. We ask that any place or information we do share - to please respect and please read the historical synopsis of the areas prior to your journeys. This will help you gain perspectives about the places and the people that live there before you visit and will afford you a much more enjoyable experience altogether, as well as maybe provide better insight as to why it's best to treat these areas well. 


Places To Eat:

The closest town to the falls is Burney, Ca - roughly 15 minutes away. There are various places to eat here, and although we haven't yet been to every spot - the place we did go to was superb! Alpine Drive-In is a wonderful little restaurant that has been there for generations. Highly recommended - and we are vegetarian!


potem falls

Nearest town -  BURNEY, CA


Potem Falls is a marvelous, nearly 70ft, waterfall that plunges from a tributary feeding the great Achoma. A short 0.4 mile switchback trail leads to the bottom of the falls which features places to stop along the way for various views of the pour over. Please park on the obvious left shoulder, do not block the road, and use the trail (all the way down). If it seems exceptionally crowded, consider visiting another location. When hiking to the falls - do not cut through the switchbacks to make the hike shorter. It drastically increases the effects of erosion which causes unnecessary pollution to the creek, and in turn the whole river. The hillside is delicate and needs our help to keep it intact. PLEASE PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN!!!! Better yet - pickup any other trash you see along the way - leave it cleaner than you found it. This is a wonderful way to contribute to healthier spaces, and it gives back to what the falls will give to you.  

Historical Synopsis: 

Little history exists on the internet of the falls itself, but it's one of the many tributaries of Achoma, the great Pit River, and is home to the Pit River Tribe. Please respect the locals and their land. For a more in-depth understanding of their cultural presence here - please visit: 

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