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Fine Art

A Note From the Photographer

The night skies are windows to the heavens - intimate spaces of mysterious depth. The art of astro photography utilizes slow exposure techniques which allow details in the visuals to emerge where the naked eye would otherwise struggle to portray.

The delicate balance of slowly exposed stars, color, light and texture blend together to create the dreamy nostalgic images and a very fine, but realistic, finished piece of art.


It should be especially noted that my images are not "stacked". Stacked production images require multiple layers of the same composition to be joined and blended in an editing software suite to create greater depth, lighter foregrounds, and increased detail. It is much more difficult to expose an astro image with adequate detail in the foreground in a single exposure method. The astro pieces in this collection are all single exposure original images with minimal editing.  

MOON 11FEB2022.jpg
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